Advantages Of Odoo Marketing Automation

Automation is a process of making things work independently without the need for a human presence or with a negligible human presence. There may be a lot of repetitive tasks involved in a business process that requires continuous human monitoring. These kinds of jobs consume time and consume more capital, so to overcome this, automation is very much essential. This blog lets us look at how marketing automation software helps to provide the Odoo marketing automation such as Odoo SMS marketing, Odoo email marketing, and Odoo social media marketing.

In this competitive world of business, time and efficiency are the critical factors in sustaining the market for a long time. And to achieve this, every business should move towards marketing automation. And Odoo is the one such marketing automation software that provides enhanced features for all your marketing automation.

Basically, Odoo marketing automation's motive is to automate all your workflows and streamline them for collective efficiency. Odoo helps in the faster completion of tasks with its power of automation. The intent of internet marketing has taken many shapes in SMS marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing. Odoo ERP has introduced a dedicated Odoo marketing automation tool that can help coordinate all the sales and marketing departments hand in hand. This tool can extend its benefits even to other departments of industry and other business operations as well.

Why Odoo ERP?

Odoo is open-source ERP software; it offers a wide variety of features and functionalities for its users. It is designed in such a process to meet all the marketing automation of businesses. With its feasible and easy-to-operate mechanism, Odoo reduces manual operations a lot which in turn, reduces the consumption of time and energy. Odoo is compatible with working offline or through online modes as per your convenience. This single system can help in multiple marketing functions like coordinating, managing, analyzing, and updating all the sales and marketing activities in real-time.

Every business spends a significant chunk of its budget on marketing and promotions of its goods and services. You might be dependent on your marketing campaign system, whereas different teams handle different promotional campaigns. Marketing campaigns are the lifelines for sales and purchases; they contribute a significant role in bringing a product or service close to the target audience.

It is very much needed to track the performance of campaigns regularly but being different campaigns executed; it will be highly challenging to track them manually. Here comes the Odoo marketing automation module, which automates all your marketing campaigns in real-time and analyzes the success rate within a single dashboard.

Advantages of Odoo marketing automation

  • Automation saves time
  • Lead efficiency
  • Workflow management
  • Increases customer relations
  • Marketing intelligence
  • Campaign management
  • Reports

Automation saves time

As we discussed previously, Odoo marketing automation’s main advantage is, that it is a time savior. It automates marketing campaigns, lead scoring, client support, and all other major marketing activities. This saves time and increases productivity. With these features, you can schedule your marketing campaigns beforehand. Automated replies for queries of customers and clients are also part of Odoo automation. Odoo can incorporate modules like Odoo SMS marketing, Odoo email marketing, and Odoo social media marketing into the system to automate email, SMS, and social media marketing campaigns.

Lead Efficiency

Most businesses run a marketing campaign to generate leads and improve brand reputation. With the help of Odoo marketing automation tools, you can easily track your campaigns' success rate. It is essential to validate your targeted audience's lead score, and Odoo helps in providing metrics that can be used to validate lead efficiency scores. By this, businesses can save a lot of time by identifying potential customers in less time.

Workflow management

The success rate of any business depends on the auditing of the work process of various departments involved in the business ecosystem. Proper coordination is very much needed to manage the workflow. Odoo ERP helps investors to allocate budgets and tasks to various departments internally and externally. Odoo can streamline all the business processes, right from inquiry, quotation framing to closing the sales.  What makes Odoo ERP so unique is that you can simply manage all these from a single dashboard within a few clicks.

Increases customer relations

We all know that customers are the one who drives the business economy. Maintaining a strong relationship with our customers and creating relationships with new customers are crucial to being top in the market. With the help of Odoo, you can integrate various support modules like email support, SMS support, live chat enablement to address the concerns. With the use of pre-built templates, it's effortless to handle the clients' quotation and sales support.

Marketing intelligence

With the extent of Artificial intelligence and machine learning, Odoo ERP is a phenomenal marketing intelligence tool that automatically delivers the reports of success rates of campaigns as soon as they are ended. It provides various smart suggestions based on user experiences to maximize the campaign results. Odoo can track all the Odoo email, Odoo SMS, and Odoo social media marketing goals with the help of this marketing automation software.

Campaign management

According to goals, a business may require various marketing campaigns, email, SMS, social media, and on website promotions. It will not be easy to track every campaign within the system until and unless Odoo ERP is enabled for the campaign management. It helps in setting the targets and key performance Indicators for every team. Moreover, investors can track the bounce rate, the open rate of emails, and the ROI of campaigns right within the Odoo ERP.


Odoo can generate detailed and analytical marketing reports. Odoo specializes in providing geographically based reports of clients, salespersons' success reports, ROI of marketing campaigns reports, and all other marketing reports in graphical terms. Also we can generate multiple reports for a single campaign.

Odoo provides complete solutions for all your marketing automation. It is very much necessary for your business to install the Odoo marketing solutions and if you are looking for the best service partner for your Odoo marketing automation, then look no further than Sitaram solutions.

We at Sitaram solution offers top-notch Odoo services. Our team is specialized in implementing Odoo ERP for your business and its automation. Talk with our consultants to know how we can help you with your business's Odoo marketing automation. We are not far from thought. All you need to do is to contact us to get started with Odoo marketing automation solutions for your business. Our team is waiting to assist you.

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