Our Odoo services help your Business grow beyond leaps and bounds.

We here at Sitaram Solutions provide you with the best quality of Odoo services that helps your business grow. Our world-class services suit every business ranging from the scale of SMEs to multinational companies. We help you scale rapidly by expanding your business verticals in all dimensions. Our top-notch Odoo services are exceptional and the most affordable for every budget.


odoo consultation

We help provide vital information and expert advice with regards to your choices of ODOO customization, giving you important data tailored to your specific needs so you can achieve your ODOO goals.

ODOO is an ERP system with a wide range of functions, so in-depth knowledge and meticulous know-how is needed to explore and finally decide on what features of ODOO fit certain factors particular to your business model and structure i.e budget range, the scale of business, and employees, type of company, company vision.

Implementation of ODOO services without proper planning and supervision could lead to a waste of time, effort, and resources. Our team of analytics and development experts will talk with you to best decide how to customize your special ERP system that perfectly suits your needs, vision wise and also economy conscious especially in the current financial climate.

Sitaram Solutions Odoo services
Sitaram Solutions Odoo services


Odoo Implementation

Our top professionals will provide an in-depth analysis of your company whilst working hand in hand with your staff. This will help us decide the best and most appropriate way to implement ODOO services. We know that every organization is different and face different types of problems on a day to day basis. So our highly trained analysts will evaluate your present or intended business model and find the way to best optimize your business. This will in turn increase productivity from your staff.


odoo development

The development of themes, apps, and the website is our bedrock and we thrive in these environments. Our world-class developers provide out of the box ideas to help produce special and cool themes for your website, creating great designs with high responsiveness, with high-level graphics and mods, we make your website stand out among others.

With high-end, specialized features you are sure to boost your sales and successfully promote your brand online with our excellent ODOO website builder. Our tech experts help create SEO-friendly websites assisted by the ODOO web frameworks, leaving it attractive, google search engine friendly, and bug-free.

Sitaram Solutions Odoo services
Sitaram Solutions Odoo services


odoo integration & migration

We assist in configuring your system according to your preferences, we know that every organization has its needs and priorities that differ from each other. If a system software's configuration is wrongly or performed by a nonprofessional, there is a high probability of that software breaking down or malfunctioning.

Luckily, ODOO is programmed in a manner that is relatively simple to carry out and teach to the prospective user to aid your business. need assistance in transferring and migrating all your essential and nonessential information from your previous conventional system into the new ERP software. This takes skill and experience as any mistakes made will most likely lead to loss of vital data, which in business is usually equal to the loss of either funds or customer information.

Let our professional tech team take this load off your hands and deliver your data safely into the fully-fledged ODOO system.


odoo installation & customization

ODOO comes in a plethora of different versions, these applications can be installed and set up in several operating systems including Ubuntu, Windows, and Mac. This makes the app versatile and available to almost everyone no matter what O.S you are comfortable with. We also set up the ERP system on the cloud via servers like Myhosting, Amazon, and Digital Ocean.

You may be spoilt for choice when choosing your preferred version and mode of installation, and our tech experts will walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of each model. Giving you the best professional ERP system advice in accordance to your company's needs.

At Sitaram Solutions we believe that the customer knows best, and we carry that belief with us as we help you customize your newly installed software. We make sure your software is personalized to suit your vision, we help make ODOO look and function exactly how you want it to be in addition to giving you tips on how to get the best out of the software.

Sitaram Solutions Odoo services
Sitaram Solutions Odoo services


odoo maintenance & upgrade

With regards to any invention, there are always three major branches involved; the creator who comes up with the product idea and draws up the plans for its design, the engineer who brings the idea to life and manufactures it, and the mechanic who repairs and maintains the product whenever it needs a breath of life.

We are both the engineer and mechanic because we help you run maintenance on your ERP software, taking care of any glitches or malfunctioning that may occur as you make use of the ODOO system. We also help upgrade your system to a much-improved level, whenever ODOO release new updates, we will be there to bring it straight to you because we care and want to make sure that your software is in tip-top shape.

We will also educate you on how to take advantage of any new features that ODOO comes up with to ensure that you stay up-to-date with the new.


Odoo Support

Our skilled customer service is always there to offer up a helping hand whenever you need assistance or have any ODOO inquiries. Here at Sitaram Solutions, we are always eager to put our expertise to good use and help our customers get the best experience from their preferred version of ODOO software, our technical support staff comprising of trained professionals capable of handling every issue you might have with your ERP system.

We provide both online and hands-on assistance anytime you need it because we care about your comfort and do not want you feeling frustrated by the 'complications' of using high-level software like ODOO.

We are always there to patiently provide you with an arm around the shoulder and a listening ear to deeply understand any problems you may be facing, so together we can find a solution and cone out on top.

Sitaram Solutions Odoo services
Sitaram Solutions Odoo services


User customization which enables tailor-made strategies for different types of organizations depending on your special requirements

ODOO is flexible with its modules which can be individually installed according to your needs and added to as your business progresses with time.
ODOO is user friendly which makes it easy to learn even for the most basic computer users.
ODOO is easy to integrate as it takes little time and simple steps to configure, it can also be integrated with other ERP systems to enhance their effectiveness.
With up-to-date technology, ODOO possesses the tools to help companies survive and thrive in the present digital climate.
It is budget-friendly with its zero cost licensing which helps cut down on budget expenses for companies looking to save resources.
ODOO has a code architecture more flexible than other ERP as it allows further modification to its design without the need for extensive recoding.
ODOO is highly secure as it encrypts all data that runs through its mainframe while still staying consistent and accurate with its information.
ODOO studio helps customers to create and customize the app to their taste easily and efficiently

Why choose Sitaram Solutions for your ODOO development services?

We help layman clients to get a grasp of the workings of the ERP system

We ensure complete and comprehensive functionality in our ODOO development.
Our budget-friendly analysis team provides cost-effective solutions to our customers.
We pride ourselves with our customer-oriented business management platform.
We provide our specialize All-in-one management software.
We ensure top quality analysis, forecasting, and analysis reports.
We provide advanced integration into the ODOO ERP system.
We boast a strong, active, and best of all, highly cooperative online community.
We provide enhanced collaboration with our first-class 24/7 customer service and ever-helpful tech experts.
We also provide open-source intelligence for methodical collection and analysis of data for proper and educated decision making.
Sitaram Solutions Odoo services

Contact us now so we can arrange a consultation session and decide how to make running your business much simpler and cut clutter-free we make your life easier by helping you do the things you don't know how or want to do.

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