How Odoo Helpdesk Can Be Beneficial To Your Business?

Customers are the King in every business. If a business owner succeeds in making their customers happy with their services, they can surely do some profitable business. Many surveys prove that happy customers are likely to bring new customers to a business. The ultimate goal of any business is to make profits, and profits occur only with loyal customers. But it is always a challenge to make it happen. If this is your business challenge, then Odoo Helpdesk is the solution. In this blog, we will walk you through Odoo Helpdesk's features and how the Help Desk of Odoo is beneficial for business.

Understanding the importance of a customer and satisfying a customer is crucial in business management. In any business organization, the customer service department and the Help desk management department should work hand in hand to make your business operations smooth. Specifically, the teams who handle the operations of the Helpdesk are the company's face because they represent your organization as the first contact point. The company's image is determined by the way it handles and responds to the queries of customers.

Why an ERP for the Helpdesk?

Usually, businesses consist of multiple verticals like sales, inventory management, billing, customer service, and many more. Every vertical has its importance and maintaining all those work streams efficiently manually is not a futuristic solution. It will always be a challenge to coordinate all the departments under a single roof, but to make this challenge simple, an ERP comes as a solution.

The Helpdesk members might be dealing with several issues and communications over multiple departments like sales, billing, inventory, etc. It will be extremely tough for them to answer the front-line queries without properly integrating multiple modules with the Helpdesk. With the help of an ERP, they can answer queries quickly and precisely as they have every single piece of information available right on the desktop. They can plan further follow-ups and next action steps to respond to any complex user queries. An ERP can ease the Helpdesk's operations to a greater extent; in turn, this also helps in providing the best user support experience for the clients.

Now you might be well aware of why a Helpdesk integrated with Odoo ERP is crucial for managing your business. It is time to learn about the features and benefits of the Odoo helpdesk.

Features of Odoo Help Desk module:

  • Customers can be able to generate support tickets directly from the website.
  • Can manage or allocate multiple support tickets to different teams for a quick and prompt resolution.
  • Can track the status of support tickets
  • Timesheet management
  • Analysis of Customer rating and feedback systems.
  • Automated email and calls for inquiries
  • Can allocate tickets based on priority
  • Feasible to integrate with third-party applications
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Performance and report analysis
  • Canned responses for frequently used queries

How does an Odoo help desk module work?

As a part of providing front-line customer inquiry solutions to the customers, helpdesk resources help to build that strong customer relationship that every company needs. The helpdesk module basically works in a three-segment method that is Query building, query handling, and query tracking.

Query building:  Usually, companies integrate customer support via email or telephone, or a live chat through the website. In this module, customers use one of the mediums to interact with the company. As soon as a new inquiry comes in, Odoo automatically generates a ticket, and these tickets are used for resolving the issues.

Query handling: Once a ticket is generated, the help desk team can address it, or they can allocate it to the respective department right from the Odoo dashboard. It reduces manual allocation and smoothens the workflow.

Query tracking: Once the ticket is handled, there may be a few cases where they need more information or time to handle it. Query reporting does the job of updating the status of tickets, which helps in tracking the issues. With this, there is never a chance of missing queries or being left unanswered.

Benefits of an Odoo helpdesk 

The Odoo software:  The Odoo software itself is one of the most advantageous for the helpdesk module. Odoo Open ERP is easy to handle and very convenient to scale and customize as per the needs. The user-friendly interface makes it even more comfortable to be handled by anyone in the organization.

Better teamwork: We all knew that teamwork could make the impossible turns possible. Better teamwork will give an extra edge to be ahead of the competition. With the help of the Odoo helpdesk, building strong teamwork is a cakewalk. It is possible to track every task's status, and it keeps the streamline of the workflow going well according to standard operating procedures.

Improve customer relationship: The primary intent of a helpdesk is to build a strong relationship with the customers. Odoo helpdesk not only builds customer relationships but also improves the relationships by providing various integrational operations like scheduling, monitoring, tracking, and managing queries. It is not just a simple ordinary helpdesk tool, but Odoo's Helpdesk is beyond that.

Quick service Enabling: Several help desk providers are available right in the market, but Odoo is the leader of all due to its quick service. Features like automation and canned responses can provide resolutions very quickly. You can maintain Service level agreements (SLA), create priorities, and filter your labels so that the process will be easy.

In the past, handling tickets was a nightmare for several companies. The advancement of technologies and software like Odoo made this task so comfortable that even a newbie can deliver excellent customer satisfaction. Allocation of tickets to the respective departments, tracking their status, and maintaining records are possible with just by few clicks with Odoo and thus it makes the most suitable helpdesk ERP for you.

Choosing the right Odoo Helpdesk integration partner

With Odoo, you found a solution for the challenges you face in building customer relationships. Still, integration of the Odoo helpdesk is a challenge and Sitaram Solutions is the one who can make it easy for you. We at Sitaram Solutions understand your needs and build what you need. Our expert team with years of experience in Odoo integrations will help you take your business to the next level.

Our customers say that we are the best in providing Odoo services, and the results speak louder about us. Please don't give a second thought because we are sure that we are the best for you. If still not convinced, then consult our team now to discuss further. We are just away by email. Connect with us today to build a stronger customer relationship with Odoo helpdesk integration.

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