How Odoo Live Chat Can Improve Your Business Communications?

Communication is the primary asset for making deals with clients. An optimized approach to communicating with customers or clients improves business efficiency. And if you're starting your business looking for new clients, or looking to build strong relationships with existing clients, no matter what, the communication can help you achieve your goals. Building trust is the biggest challenge that businesses face, but this can be overcome using the best communication mediums like Live chat with the clients. In this blog, we make you understand the importance of Odoo live chat, how Odoo live chat can improve your business, the features of Odoo live chat, and the benefits of Odoo live chat. So, stay tuned!

What are the mediums of Business Communication?

We understand the importance of communication in a business, but several communication mediums are telephone, email, and live chat. Now let's see each of them in-depth and pick out the best communication medium for your business.

  • Telephonic: The process of handling communication via a telephone medium is a bit costlier as you need to employ multiple agents and maintain the servers to handle the calls. Each agent can handle only one call at a time, which results in a drop rate of successful communication.

  • Email: Many businesses use email as a medium of communication with their clients. Though email communication looks more professional than a telephonic medium, it lacks direct interaction with clients. It will also be a tedious job to maintain and update the status of emails regularly.

  • Live chat: With the advancement of technologies, any business can easily integrate a live chat panel on their websites. This medium is professional and also maintains a direct interaction with the client. And the good thing is one agent can handle 3-5 chats simultaneously. This increases the customer satisfaction rate to a more considerable extent.

From the above, it is evident that live chat is the best medium of communication for all your business needs. Now let us have a look at why Odoo is the best vendor for live chat.

Why Odoo for Live Chat?

Odoo is an open-source ERP framework; this makes Odoo the most easily customizable and easily integrated with several third-party applications. Odoo being an open-source application, the source code is available publicly through which Odoo developers can modify or develop modules as per their business needs.

Odoo live chat features can be integrated with any website. The user-friendly interface of Odoo live chat makes the job of communicating easy. Many investors choose Odoo for live chat implementation as it has the potential to improve the business with such cool and user-friendly features it offers for businesses.

The improved version of Odoo 14 live chat is the most advanced and one of the smartest live chat modules available in the market. With the implementation of the latest technologies like AI and machine learning, the live chat module of Odoo is far more sophisticated than any other vendor in the market. It provides several quick features like automation of queries, language detection, transfer options, and many more within a click.

How does Odoo 14 live chat work?

With the help of Odoo 14, live chat business gets a dedicated chat platform available on their websites for one-to-one communication with their clients. Whenever a visitor visits your website then the chat option pops up right there.

As soon as a visitor enters their queries, you can automate a customized welcome message, or it can be directly assigned to a particular customer relationship assistant to address the query. The Odoo 14 live chat is so simple to operate.

The assigned customer relationship assistant can assist the visitor, or in case of need escalation, they can also transfer it to the respective departments within a few clicks. With this simplicity, the queries can be resolved quickly, and thus it can boost user experience. Odoo 14 live chat module not only builds customer relationships but also improves them a lot.

Also, Odoo 14 live chat can be used for lead generation; as soon as a customer initiates a chat, a custom welcome message will be sent, and if they are further interested, they should enter their few details. In the case of new leads, the sales team can address their needs and pitch business services right from the chat panel. This will help sales and marketing teams understand the customers' behavior, and with this, they can plan their strategies.

Benefits of Odoo 14 Live chat

  • Personalization: Odoo offers a wide variety of personalization right from choosing the chat button, colors, and customized messages, and choosing the looks of the pop-up button for chat appearance.

  • Global support: With Odoo 14 live chat module one can easily eradicate language barriers and can operate from anywhere from any part of the world right from the comfort of answering through a desktop.

  • Canned responses: It offers canned responses and automation facilities that can improve the quickness of response.

  • The live interaction: The best part of Odoo 14 live chat is that customers can interact directly in real-time with agents. This helps in quicker resolutions and building trust in the services offered.

  • Improves customer satisfaction: No doubt that Odoo 14 live chat is an excellent tool for improving customer satisfaction. You can collect feedback and customer ratings and thus analyze them to improve customer satisfaction rates.

  • No limit for time: unlike the traditional mediums in live chat, there is no limit to the time frame; users can request queries around the clock.

  • Multiple handlings: With Odoo 14 live chat module, agents can handle multiple chats simultaneously; this avoids waiting in queues for a long time to get their query addressed. It is easy and convenient to handle multiple chats at a time.

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