How you can Create and Manage an Online Store using the Odoo system?

With the onset of eCommerce internet sites, the general public is available to have access to purchase goods 24 x 7. One could easily access eCommerce via the internet through desktops, laptops, or from mobile offerings relying on their comforts. Unlike traditional storefronts, you no longer need to step out to buy your preferred product. Improvement of internet facilities and the advances in telecommunications today in several nations digitization is being adopted rapidly. The significant chunk of the work used to run with the assistance of pen and paper operations has all become digitized. In this blog, we address how the Odoo system can help you with your business's ERP management and how an Odoo developer can help you create your online dream store with Odoo E-commerce modules.

Moreover, growing countries like India are also adapting to digitalization, and online stores are becoming the new normal of shopping. After the pandemic, customers are looking more towards online stores. Keeping this in view, many sellers are diverting towards online stores rather than traditional ones. E-commerce is paving the way for sellers to showcase themselves before tens of millions of potential customers.

Significant advantages of the E-commerce store

  • Can quickly expand on a global level
  • Easily target new clients with the help of SEO
  • Decrease and increase price just by clicks
  • Can be able to target precise advertising marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Customers can place orders from the comfort of their home
  • Customers have a comparison in addition to filtering options to achieve the specified product
  • Can reduce the middlemen, which in turn slashes the prices
  • Can run several segments of products with the same operational price
  • Can be accessed from any device with connectivity to the internet
  • Reduces the need for humanitarian efforts and increases the productivity of a business
  • Can implement diverse business strategies for functioning

It is very evident that an online store can give wings to your business, but how do you manage different kinds of operations like accounts, sales, marketing, customer support, billing, etc.? You need not bother about that as we will introduce a super tool called the Odoo ERP system, which can help you manage all your E-commerce operations from a single system.

How to build a website with the help of the Odoo e-commerce module?

Generally, an eCommerce website is created within "days", or sometimes it can take more time than a few months. In contrast, one can quickly create an eCommerce website within some hours with Odoo website builder. Odoo facilitates making an attractive and amazing eCommerce store right away with Odoo website Builder.

Odoo eCommerce is an open-source ERP utility that gives freedom to its users to control their e-commerce operations. You can seamlessly integrate various functions like warehouse maintenance, shipping and tracking, product promotions, and payment gateway offerings within Odoo e-commerce. Let us see how to build an e-commerce website using Odoo software.

  • Website Builder

Odoo offers prebuilt templates through which one can easily drag and drop to build stunning websites within hours. One can have the flexibility of choosing a wide variety of templates for building blocks of the website. Odoo software gives individuals the freedom to make their choices as per their needs to enhance the site's visual appearance.

You can take advantage of drag-and-drop features to pick images, banners, slides, calls to action, textual content blocks, and even more. Responsive web pages, add-to-cart facilities, payment gateways, shipping, and tracking everything can be implemented

  • Integration of Odoo E-commerce

One can easily manage an e-commerce store by integrating of the Odoo Ecommerce module into the website. Odoo eCommerce comes with a great choice of customization. It has an intensive choice for editing the textual content in the online stores for quality-tuning the product description and images. You can also understand the abandoned cart products and can trigger customers to buy them.

Odoo eCommerce website also enables you to manage the operations like whether you need to replace the product or change its price, highlight any product descriptions, or create a discount.

  • SEO Tools

Once your dream store is ready, all you need to do is kickstart your target customers' reach. Odoo system has a dedicated SEO module to help you reach more with the help of keywords.

It helps in ranking on search engines like Google. Also, Odoo comes with a few more tools like Google Analytics to track your performances on the web.

How to manage an e-commerce site on Odoo?

ERP management

Odoo is known for its ERP management. With the help of Odoo ERP, you can easily manage all your business operations under a single roof. With this, you no longer need any other tools to track, monitor, or train your employees.

It helps develop coordination among all the departments involved in business sales, marketing, and support to work in real-time synchronously.

Inventory Management

A warehouse is where you store your products. Without a proper inventory management process, it won't be easy to maintain the supply chain system of e-commerce. Customers often get disappointed if certain products go out of stock, which will negatively impact the business.

To avoid this, Odoo has dedicated inventory management software to keep your supply chain continuously operating smoothly.

Currency conversions and payment gateways

If you are expanding your online store globally, you should need a secure payment gateway to collect money and currency converters to support international payments. Odoo facilitates secure multiple payment gateways and also with real-time currency converters for your business.

Billing and invoice management

You can easily manage all your billing and invoice operations within the Odoo system. You no longer need any other software to manage your bills and invoices. You can automate these operations with Odoo developers' help to supply billing receipts and invoices to the customers quickly as soon as the transaction takes place.

Creating an Odoo online store seems to be easy. Still, it involves a little bit of technical knowledge for an error-free user experience, so we suggest you hire an Odoo developer to build your website on a professional level.

Hire an Odoo developer

Sitaram Solutions offers you a wide variety of Odoo ERP management services by professional Odoo experts. We have a team of expert Odoo developers with years of expertise in creating e-commerce stores. Our Odoo developers are well-versed with all you want.

We understand your needs and your tastes beforehand so that we can deliver precisely what you dream. Creating responsive and stunning online stores is our specialty. Our team facilitates you with world-class services so that you always think of Sitaram solutions when you think of Odoo.

Come let's discuss your thoughts on your online store today so that we can deliver you with your dreams as early as tomorrow. Connect with us now you are just a step away from building your dream.

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