How you can Increase sales with Odoo CRM?

Every business has something to sell to its customers. They might be in the form of products or services. The exchange of these between sellers and buyers is termed a sale. Sales are directly proportional to the growth of the business. If you are not convinced that maximizing sales can make your company profitable, you might be heading in the wrong way. The easiest and most effective way of getting more sales is through word of mouth, and this only happens if you can maintain a strong relationship with your customer. Once a customer gets satisfied with your services, then they will turn into a loyal customer, and this loyalty might take your business to the next level. This article will help you understand how to increase sales with Odoo CRM to make your business excel.

How to influence sales?

The sales department is not alone responsible for sales; the other departments like quality maintenance, customer support, and inventory management are also part of this ecosystem. However, the main challenge is to coordinate among all the departments under a single dashboard. Customers drive the business revenues, so to drive the customers towards your business there should exist a force, which is known as customer relationship management (CRM).

You can influence sales only if you can influence customers, but how do they get influence?

While using your services or products, the customer will have a certain level of expectations from you in quality, support, and communication. If you can meet all these needs and be successful in creating high satisfaction, then that is how you influence your sales by influencing customers.

It is not as easy as it sounds, but technology can help in making it. With the help of CRM software like Odoo, you can manage the customer relationship cycle more effectively. Also, Odoo helps in building the brand reputation and works as a catalyst in driving more sales.

Now let's understand what exactly we mean by a customer relationship management tool (CRM)

What is a CRM?

Customer relationship management tool (CRM) is software that will help in managing all customer-related activities. The primary purpose of CRM is to maintain good relations with your customers and to keep you in constant touch with them. An ideal CRM tool can help you to generate new business opportunities and convert them into more sales.

Why should you choose Odoo CRM?

Odoo is one of the leading CRM providers, which is based on the open-source framework. There are multiple reasons why you should consider Odoo CRM. Compared to other major CRM providers like Salesforce, Zoho, and Sugar CRM, Odoo has many unique features that keep it on top of the rest. Odoo has some advanced features compared to others like Price list, Quotation Templates, eSignature, Online Payment, Invoicing, Customer Portal, Shipper Integration, Leads Tracking, Social Network Integration, Pipeline management, planning Next Action, Multiple companies per contract, etc. Without any doubt, it is evident that Odoo is the best in the class CRM compared to others. Not only that, Odoo has a very user-friendly Interface (UI) that can be easily managed by anyone, and it is the best among all others in ease of convenience.

Key features of Odoo CRM:

  • Priorities of your activities: Can prioritize the follow-up activities in the pipeline and meet your targets efficiently.

  • Keeping track of your sales activities: You can track the sales stages more easily via the dedicated sales pipeline Kanban view.

  • Scheduling the Meetings:  Can easily schedule your meetings directly right from your CRM dashboard.

  • Dashboards: Dashboards will give you entire data of ongoing and completed business activities.

  • Lead promotions: You can able to send auto-generated emails to your customers in the lead funnel, and you can hire a salesperson to keep a follow-up in closing the sales

  • Analysis of opportunities: Can able to analyze the opportunities by grouping or by using filters quickly.

  • Customized Alerts: You can opt for alerts based on your targets so that you may not miss even a minute task.

  • Automation of process: Using Odoo CRM, you can automate all your business activities without needing human intervention.

How Odoo CRM can help you increase sales

With no hesitation, we can say that Odoo CRM will help you to increase sales, which can be done in various ways. Let's have a look at how Odoo CRM can help us in achieving your business goals.

Lead management:

With Odoo, you can easily manage all your lead records efficiently. You can import leads, generate leads through email campaigns, nurture leads, and also you can implement calls to action for converting leads into your customers.

Know your customers:

With GeoIP features' help, you can detect the countries, states, and cities of your potential customers who visit your sites. It is possible to smartly detect the IP addresses of your site visitors.

Introduce rewards:

Every business needs loyal customers, and you can quickly get some loyal customers by introducing loyalty programs in the form of rewards or cashback. This strategy will hold the customers for a long time without getting into your competitor's hands and this is possible by Odoo CRM

Analyses opportunities:

Odoo helps in pipelining your management strategies. You can plan your next actions and set them under the pipeline as soon as your sales team collects leads. You can schedule meetings and calls with your customers on Odoo. These all tasks can be done just at the ease of drag and drop. Also, you can optimize and analyze the reasons for lost opportunities from the dashboard.

Improves customer support:

You can implement live chat, email support, help desk, and marketing tools with Odoo CRM's help. Better customer support will enhance your customer's user experience, and this result in providing higher satisfaction to your clients. Odoo CRM plays a vital role in improving the customer support experience.

Efficient communication:

Odoo provides inbuilt templates for all your communication purposes. It includes email templates for email marketing, SMS templates for SMS marketing, and VOIP (voice over internet protocol). You can directly call your customer right through the browser, or you can also call manually.

Track sales team performance:

With the help CRM dashboard, you can also track the KPIs set for your sales team. You can get detailed reports on all your sales and marketing campaigns.

Thus an Odoo CRM helps you in increasing your sales in various ways. Still, do you think that you have a better option than Odoo CRM?

We can indeed say that it's an absolute "NO."

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