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In the 21st century, enterprise resource management (ERP) solutions have their utmost importance in every organization. It doesn't matter if your business belongs to industries of food, travel, e-commerce, education, finance, lifestyle, textile, or whatever it may be, you name it, and they use it. According to analytical experts' reports, ERP software management may hit a $78.40 billion market value by 2026. These stats alone indicate how important it is to update your traditional business management system to advanced modern cloud ERP systems like the Odoo ERP system. This article will help you understand the importance of Odoo App migration and database migration in Odoo migration services.

You might be pondering the best ERP service providers as there are multiple choices available in the market. Users always get into a dilemma about which is the right and suitable ERP for their business. This question is the most common and frequent question we listen to from most customers and here is the answer for you.

How a modern cloud ERP is different than a Traditional ERP?

Traditional ERP is usually housed on the company's servers and maintained by its own IT staff or an outside consultant. It requires regular updates and needs investment in maintaining hardware. The most common type of traditional ERP which many business uses are on-premises ERP. In this kind of ERP, businesses purchase a vendor's license and integrate it with their own data centers. This deployment involves capital for maintaining the internal infrastructure and acquiring additional equipment.

On the other hand, Cloud ERP is housed on the vendor's servers in the cloud (their data center) and accessed by you via an internet protocol. With modern Cloud ERP, you no longer need to maintain the infrastructure, and vendors automatically handle all the updates. They offer a Software as a Service (SaaS) model platform where usage and handling are always comfortable.

Now let us look at the most sophisticated and open-frame worked Cloud ERP- "Odoo."

Odoo ERP system

Odoo is the most powerful and the most highly used ERP in the business world. Compared to the other major service providers like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, etc. Odoo stands at the top of the rest as it offers almost all features or says even more features in some modules compared to others. Moreover, there comes a great relief in terms of price for Odoo as it does not charge any fees for the Odoo community edition's license.

With advancements in technologies like Artificial intelligence, IoT, and Machine learning, the modern ERP system Odoo has been far ahead of traditional ERP.

Traditional ERP systems are decentralized, and you can't use them anytime, anywhere. Even small negligence in updating your systems may cause the loss of tons of data you collected all over the years. With Odoo, your IT staff not need to handle any maintenance of servers on your data centers as it will be taken care of by the service provider Odoo itself. The beauty of Odoo is you have tons of options to customize and can choose your modules with more flexibility than any other ERP out in the market.

Benefits of advanced ERP – Odoo

  • Easily adaptable software for any business industry
  • Customizable according to Your Business Goals
  • The most user-friendly UI
  • No licensing costs
  • Vastly scalable, and several integrations are available.
  • Affordable pricing with the most advanced features
  • Active User Community
  • Upgrades and improvisations with new version releases
  • Timely support from the Odoo community and mail support
  • Intuitive dashboards

How Odoo migration services can solve your business challenges

Migration is the process of updating or shifting an existing system from one platform to another. It can be either in the form of upgrading the current system to a newer version or moving to a whole new system. Migration is used in various situations according to business needs and technical operations of software.

While considering the Odoo migration services, there exist two major Odoo migration activities.

  1. Odoo App Migration
  2. Database Migration

Odoo App migrations

The Odoo community continuously keeps on updating its apps and features. While updating your existing Apps, you may need to migrate your Odoo apps to the latest version. To do that, it may require a few additional changes like modifications in the backend or to code the program. Sometimes Users want to keep their front-end functions the same way they operate in the existing version even after migration, and Odoo developers can take care of it.

Database migration

Here in this migration process, the existing data is migrated to the new version or an ERP. This process requires utmost attention as a small error may lead to loss of data. Odoo can migrate all kinds of data like tables, maps, and documents to the newest version or a platform.

Every business is unique and has its requirements. Keeping in view of meeting all your requirements, Odoo has been designed. So, what are you still waiting for? Switch to the Odoo ERP system now.

Along with the Odoo system, you also need an Installation partner company that helps you through the entire setup. The best partner can help you in delivering the best results.

An ideal Service partner is one who can quickly understand and provide the complete Odoo system life cycle from the phase of Odoo consultation, Odoo development, Odoo implementation, Odoo integration, Odoo Migration, and Odoo support.

Odoo ERP service partner- Sitaram Solutions

Sitaram Solutions is the one who offers all these services for you at an affordable cost. We at Sitaram Solutions provide a suite of world-class Odoo services flawlessly and efficiently. Our team consists of dynamic young professionals with vast experience and excellent customer support who can accurately understand all your business requirements and act accordingly.

Why should you choose us?

We are always a customer-centric company with the intent to keep our clients happy with us. We offer Odoo support in the form of managing data mishaps, solving technical or functional bugs, upgrading Odoo versions, migrating your existing systems, and many more. Our expert team is always happy to help you throughout the Odoo process.

Without a second thought, we guarantee you that you will always be ahead of your competitors with Sitaram Solutions.

Thinking ODOO, Think Sitaram solutions! Connect with us today for hassle-free implementation of Odoo services. We are just away from an email.

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