Price Analysis of an ERP in 2021

We are in the 21st-century era, where technology has created a remarkable influence over businesses and human lives. Technology is a savior whenever there is a challenge in human lives. We all know that 2020 was the most challenging year we ever came across, and with new hopes, we welcomed 2021 into our lives. It is evident that several businesses incurred huge losses during this pandemic. To bounce back, everyone is looking into the modernization of their businesses with tools like ERP. So, it is necessary to make a price analysis of an ERP before you implement it in your business. This blog will help you understand the pricing factors of an ERP and guide you in providing a detailed analysis.

Importance of an ERP

Without realizing the importance of an ERP and how it can be beneficial to your business, it isn't very worthy of discussing the price analysis of an ERP. In any business where transactions take place, there is an ERP to handle the operations. An ERP is a suite of business management tools that provides management applications in business verticals like finance, inventory, sales, purchase, customer relationships, manufacturing, HR operations, and many more.

ERP software can handle all your business verticals from a single application. Your business process can be efficiently managed and will reduce human effort with its help. The year 2021 is going to be the year of business automation. Every business is looking for affordable and productive tools to pair them with within their operations. And if you are looking for such business automation, then without any hesitation, we can guarantee you that ERP solutions are what you require.

An ERP's price is determined by various factors such as hosting, consultation, customization, hardware, and training. Each one of the factors has its importance and privileges as per the needs. All businesses do not require all the factors in their operations. If you can understand your business requirements, you can save a lot by selecting the modules that may require and obsolete the ones with no usage in the business operations.

Let us understand the in-depth price of analysis of an ERP.


In a company, the deployment of an ERP depends on how it is being hosted for an organization's operations. There are two methods of how an ERP can be deployed. It is a perpetual license fee method and subscription fee method.

Perpetual license fee: If the ERP software is hosted on the company server rather than the cloud servers, the fee paid for such hosting is termed a perpetual license fee. It is a one-time cost set-up fee. Usually, they charge before setting up the operations. The perpetual license fee is higher, and it increases if the number of users increases.

Subscription fee: If the ERP Software is hosted on the vendor's cloud servers, then the price paid for such hosting is termed as a subscription fee. Comparatively, the subscription fee is lower than the perpetual license fee, and it renews timely. Usually, it is stored on third-party cloud service providers.


Before setting up your ERP implementation, it is always advisable to consult an ERP developer. Consultations give you a fair idea about the services that you need and which you don't. It is always challenging to implement an ERP solution for an organization, but you can get the best consultation service for Odoo ERP at Sitaram Solutions. Our expert team will help you understand why Odoo and why you should choose Sitaram Solutions for this.


Many businesses exist with ERP software, but it is always essential to upgrade your ERP software; the upgrade might be on the same server else it might be migration to some other service provider or on cloud hostings. Several Fortune 500 companies use Odoo ERP for their business operations, and many other non-Odoo ERP businesses are now looking to migrate to Odoo because Odoo is the most customized ERP available right now in the market. These migrations are also an essential factor for pricing.


If an ERP is hosted on a company server rather than the cloud servers, it induces enormous costs in maintaining servers, disks, and other peripherals. In contrast, in cloud servers, everything is taken care of by vendors.

Customization and development:

Every business is unique, and it has its operational methods. An existing ERP suite may not meet all the requirements; hence it needs the development of applications that fit the business purpose. Also, it requires customizations and several third-party integrations to be a full-pledged dedicated ERP that meets all your business purposes. This customization and development according to your business is also a factor in determining the price.

Training and Support:

Though ERP like Odoo is easy to manage initially, it requires basic training for an organization's employees. Also, there should be continuous Support and monitoring of your Services so that you can get prompt help and Support whenever you or your employees face any technical issues. No business can afford operational failures, so training and Support are the primary modules during ERP software implementation.

Now you might be wondering, which is the best Service provider for an ERP? Don't worry; we will answer this for you.

Why Odoo?

Odoo is the best and the most affordable ERP in the 21st century. It can meet all your business needs with ease. It is Easy to manage, user-friendly, and efficient ERP. Compared to other ERP vendors, Odoo is at the front due to its highly customizable features. It can be compatible with hundreds of third-party integrations like payments, shipping, live chat, help desk, and many more.

According to the data of recent surveys, it says that more than 95% of businesses who opted for Odoo ERP have grown their business more rapidly than ever before. Odoo is a powerful business management ERP tool that can be a weapon to compete with your competitors. Without any doubt, we guarantee you that Odoo is the right choice for your business. If you are not sure, then consult our team to know more.

Why Sitaram Solutions?

Sitaram Solutions has been successful in implementing ERP solutions for several businesses across the world. Our customers say that they grew their businesses with our help because we are the best in Odoo ERP implementation. We are affordable, supportive, and the most customer-centric Odoo service provider in the world.

We not only implement ERP solutions for businesses, but we are also active members while contributing to the Odoo Community. We developed several plugins and integrations for free for the community. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we provide this by supporting you from pre-sale to post-sale. Our Support team is always happy to assist you.

We have done this for many businesses, and we can do the same for you. Our team is ready to discuss your needs. Connect with us today for a hassle-free Odoo ERP implementation. We will be waiting for you.

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