What are the advantages of the Odoo ERP customization service for a business?

While you are implementing ERP solutions for your business by a partner, the most frequent word you encounter is "customization." In simple words, customization refers "To modify existing ERP" according to your business needs. It might be in the form of User interface modification or a code modification. This article will help you understand what ERP customization is and precisely the advantages of Odoo ERP customization to meet your goals.

What does a normal or a legacy ERP mean?

A normal or legacy ERP software is when vendors come with the features to force the clients to use them as it is, designed without any modifications. This results in the forceful use of unnecessary features to all the users irrespective of their need. It adds an extra burden to clients in the price.

What does a customized ERP mean?

A customized ERP is where clients can choose only those features which they need. They can integrate only those modules which exactly fit their business needs. In the modern world of technology, clients are looking for those products where they have complete control over them. With customization, power diverts into your hands.

Everyone wants power to be centralized with them so, if you are looking for the same, then customization is the best for you. Customization can simplify your business from complex issues.

Now let's look at why you should choose the Odoo ERP for your business needs.

Why does your business need Odoo ERP customization?

Every business has its unique way of operating, and they are very special to them. If one technology or a method suits one company, it does not mean that it should also suit for your business too. That is a big mistake many business owners make. Still, we strictly want to inform you that your business requirements are entirely or may be partially different from others so don't get into the trap of your competitors. Only choose the customization that really matters.

Odoo is the most convenient and flexible ERP system available in the world. The first and foremost reason to choose Odoo is that it will meet all your needs and without any hassles, we guarantee you this. Also, it is so affordable. It is imperative to choose an ERP wisely, which can streamline your workflows without any disruption, and Odoo is the one that can do all that you need.

If you are still not convinced, then don't worry; we try to bring you more clarity on Odoo ERP's customization by listing its unique advantages.

Before we list the advantages, we also want to let you know the types of Odoo customization so that it will be so easy to understand why you should use Odoo Customisation for your ERP.

Types of Odoo customization:

User interface:

You can use your customization while designing the Interface. You can customize according to your brand logos, colors, and themes to bring authenticity to your organization and keep the reputation high.

The extent of Integrations:

Quite a few times, you may need some external ERP solutions to meet your business needs. Thanks to Odoo, it has that flexibility to be integrated with several integrations that may require inside or external of your organizational management.

Data management: 

You can control how you can manage your data, and you can optimize the permissions required to safeguard your database. You can customize your data according to the reports you need to generate. It has the flexibility to attach or detach databases internally for a specific ERP module.

Advantages of Odoo Customisation

  1. Process extension

  2. Interface modifications

  3. Increases lifetime span

  4. Mobility

  5. Brand identity

  6. Eradicates duplication of data

Process Extension:

Every business is its own kind, and you can't compare one with the other. There will be few business challenges where the normal process or the functionality may not be applicable or might not deliver the outputs. In these cases, the customization Of an ERP will help a lot. With Odoo, there is high flexibility where you can customize according to your needs.

CEOs or directors have a vision in running the entire process life cycle, and to meet them in particular, a regular ERP cannot be used. Customization is the right choice for this.

Interface Modifications:

An intuitive, user-friendly interface of the desktop can increase overall productivity. A well-modified interface can help in viewing all the functionalities from a single interface that adds convenience and increases business potentiality to a more considerable extent.

Your employees no longer find it challenging to manage because it's how you customize the Interface, neither the service provider nor the client. The power is in your hand.

Increases application lifespan:

Application is the building block of any business because it simplifies the business process by providing vital support and functionalities. A business cannot afford to lose a business application at any moment of the time. The Odoo customization features help the application to increase their lifespan and improve their vicinity in the process.


In this modern era, ease and convenience of handling are the priority for any business. With the effect pandemic, mobility has become the primary asset for any business, and one can achieve it for their organization through customization. Odoo customization offers excellent mobility of its services.

Brand identity:

Customization of Odoo services provides an option to use your own brandings while designing dashboards and in the generation of reports. This increases brand recollection value, and this increases loyalty among your customers.

Eradicates duplication of Data:

Odoo ERP customization helps eradicate duplicate data since customization sets the process in a streamline of workflows. The data redundancy and duplication is almost negligible with Odoo customization.

Also, Odoo customization provides only those functionalities according to specific necessities and disintegrates all the additional highlights that may not be useful for clients.

You might have understood how customization could scale your business growth with Odoo Customisation ERP, but now you need a service partner who is a specialist in Odoo Customisation.

Which is the best Odoo customization service provider?

Sitaram Solutions is the best choice for your Odoo customization. We at Sitaram Solutions provide you with detailed customizations based on your business operations. We have an expert team of specialists who are well experienced and can understand your business challenges.

Sitaram Solutions provide Odoo Customization at the most affordable, convenient, and flexible prices. We believe in the loyalty of our customers, and we strive to build it up. We helped thousands of businesses successfully till now with their Odoo customizations and we can repeat the same for you.

Your entire Odoo customization process, from planning to the maintenance everything will be supported by Sitaram Solutions. Our support is always available to solve your grievances before the sales or even after the sales.

If you are thinking Odoo, think of Sitaram solutions! Our expert team is waiting to make your business excel, and we are just away by email.  Contact our sales team right now to plan your Odoo ERP customization with us.

Thanks for paying attention!!

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