What Can You Expect From An Ideal Odoo ERP Customization Company?

ERP management software comes with preloaded modules that are generally designed to keep typical business operations. Every business has its challenges and uniqueness while dealing with its workflows, so to fit the ERP system according to your goals and needs, you need customization software. Among all the ERP vendors, Odoo ERP customization is the most convenient and affordable customization option available in the market. This blog will help you understand the dynamics of Odoo customization services and those expectations you can rely on services offered by an Ideal Odoo ERP customization company.

Odoo ERP customization is the process of molding an already existing or designed ERP according to the user's needs. Odoo customization software, with the help of an expert team of developers, can fine-tune the ERP system to cater to all your needs to diversify your business applications. This helps businesses outperform the existing features and bring out maximum potentiality within the system. It enhances the business's capability to meet high demands during peak times and minimizes the employees' workload.

The need for Odoo customization

Odoo ERP customization is a fabulous opportunity to have a personalized ERP system irrespective of any available industry in the market. The prime advantage of choosing Odoo ERP is that you can have power in your hands to design and develop software that can perform as the perfect solution for your business growth. Customization software gives life to the workflow. A typical and regular ERP can't satisfy the workflows. The powerful combination of ERP with customization can do wonders for your business, no matter if it is a small business or a large business or a local business, or a multinational business. Every business needs Odoo customization services to fit your business strategy and suit your established business process and working models.

Types of Odoo Customization

Odoo ERP customization comes with various types of categorization based on its functionality.

  • User Interface
  • Workflows
  • Integration of applications
  • Modular extensions
  • Reports and documents
  • Miscellaneous applications

User Interface

Companies adopt these customizations to design the user interface according to their user groups and convenience. It includes branding and personalization choices as per your interests or as that suits your client's interests.


Your business works in several independent departments, which consist of various stages of the department's work process. There will be a high demand to customize and sequence your workflows according to your industrial process so that there is a healthy work environment. This simple implementation can significantly automate complex tasks into more straightforward tasks.

Integration of applications

Though Odoo ERP management offers excellent features, you may still need some additional help from third-party applications such as payment gateway, shipping portals, currency handlers, etc. While integrating these types of modules in your business, an Odoo ERP customization company can customize these applications to fit in with your business processes.

Modular extensions

Odoo Erp comes with 8000+ modules that help in catering to different operational needs. An Ideal Odoo customization company can sense the exact requirements of modules for your business and implement them by customizing them according to the workflows you manage.


Even in a fully optimized ERP system, you might still need a few minor customizations like coloring, templates, and logos that resemble your brand identity. Such Odoo customization services can also be fulfilled using the customization software approach.

Features of an Ideal Odoo customization company


To operate a business, every business owner or Entrepreneur follows their system of approach. To develop such ERP management software, an Ideal Odoo customization company initially should provide Odoo consultation so that your ideas are adequately conveyed before implementation.

End-user communication

may seem unnecessary, but many Odoo developers often communicate only with managers or executive officials while developing the modules. This leaves a gap between user perceptions and the owner's perceptions. According to various departmental users, to make an ERP universally acceptable and easy to use by all employees' departments, their customization needs.

Detailed specifications

The right Odoo Customization Company listens to your needs notes detailed specifications and should provide transparency in the status of work implemented and the status of work remained. This will help a user to estimate and analyze the pace of work being done.

Schedules and Deadlines

Odoo Customization Company should provide fixed deadlines and should schedule their working or interaction hours according to the client's local time frame. As the client location may vary with the company's location, it results in a time difference, so for a hassle-free and smooth work implementation, they should interact within business times.

Real-time testing and training

A minute failure in any module can result in hours of work hindrances and money loss, so to avoid this, they should be adequately tested in the Beta versions with the client side, and then once they get approval, they should hit the floors. Data should be collected by the employees in real-time during testing to analyze the functionality broadly. Proper training should also be provided so that employees can understand the operations and usage of Odoo modules.

These five characteristics are majorly expected from a top-notch Odoo customization company. It is always challenging to find such a company to tie up with your business for delivering the ERP implementation but wait! We got you covered. We at Sitaram Solutions are the perfect implementers of all the characteristics and features listed above.

Why Sitaram solutions

Sitaram Solutions is one of the top-notch Odoo customization service providers. Our expert team of developers understands your requirements within no time. We are a full-fledged software-driven company providing all kinds of Odoo customization services. Over the years, we successfully designed customizable Odoo applications for numerous clients across the Globe.

You can undoubtedly share your Odoo ERP customization needs with us. Our team is trained to meet your deadlines, provide you with prompt support provide you with high-quality and personalized modules, and implement ERP solutions with best industry practices.

We assure you those all Odoo customization services that precisely what you need. Let's schedule a call with our Odoo experts to make your business grow 10X faster than ever.

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