Why And How To Integrate Your Ecommerce Business With Odoo ERP?

We all know that people love to shop, and with the advancement of the internet, online shopping has increased tremendously. With the help of an eCommerce website, people can buy their favorite products within a few clicks from the comfort of home. The only industry that has seen growth during the pandemic is the e-commerce online retail Industry. Shopping online is easier for a user, but it is tough to manage everything by the business owner.

They should manage operations such as sales, billings, inventory, support, shipping, and transactions to provide a better user experience. It involves numerous hours to manually handle these operations, but what if we say a single tool can automate all these operations? Sounds good! Then stay tuned further as we will introduce you to the best Ecommerce ERP, "Odoo," and we let you know why and how to integrate your eCommerce business with Odoo ERP.

Importance of E-commerce

Several statistical reports report that the online E-commerce business has much potential to grow more leaps and bounds in the future. Even today, the E-commerce domain has excellent coverage of the industry in the sales and retail sectors. An increase in sales leads to more profits, and one can quickly increase their profits with an online eCommerce store. As it doesn't require physical maintenance and much human effort one can easily start an eCommerce business with a low investment. E-commerce is a booming business.

Now let us understand why you should integrate your eCommerce business with Odoo ERP.

What is an ERP?

ERP stands for Enterprise resource planning; it is a suite of business tools that help manage business operations like shipping, inventory, transactions, billing, human resources, etc. It is a tedious job to manage all the business operations manually or with legacy software, but an ERP will make it so smooth that you not need to worry about any management errors. Among all the major ERP service providers in the world, 'Odoo' is the best in the market. We can say it for sure.

Why you should integrate your E-commerce business with Odoo ERP?

Odoo is the leading ERP service provider in the market. Many business owners choose Odoo as it is easy to operate, user-friendly, and cost-effective. Odoo being an open-source ERP is easy to customize and integrate with third-party applications. With Odoo developers' help, one can quickly develop their custom API as per their business needs. The best part of Odoo is that you do not need to download the entire modules; instead, you can specifically choose the one only one which needs for your business operations.

Unlike in the other ERP service providers, the power will be in the hands of a vendor, whereas in Odoo, the emphasis is on the user. Users can modify, and design in whatever way they feel is suitable for your business. Odoo being an open-source has a great community. The Odoo community consists of several technical experts who provide support by answering the forum's questions. Odoo is the most advanced and smartest ERP, every business owner prefers to use it than the rest.

Benefits of Odoo E-commerce ERP

There are several benefits one can get from the Odoo ERP. We are going to name a few of them in this blog.

  1. Reduction of Data redundancy
  2. One-stop solution software
  3. Shipping Integration
  4. Payment integrations
  5. Billing and invoicing
  6. Generation of reports
  7. Operational cost management
  8. Multiple stores
  9. Customer satisfaction
  10. Accounting

Reduction of Data redundancy

In any e-commerce business, it involves close relations between data of sales, inventory, purchases, and transactions. Usually, many business owners operate these operations by manually entering data, but it may result in human errors, and it is always time-consuming to perform this instead; with the integration of Odoo with your eCommerce website, it will be automated. For instance, if a user purchases a product, then automatically Odoo ERP takes this data and updates it in purchases, and sales then reduces the quantity from inventory. With the help of Odoo, there is no chance of human errors or technical errors in handling data.

One-stop solution software

Odoo is capable of serving all your business needs, right from lead generation to closing the sale. You can easily manage all your operations right from the desktop. It has a very user-friendly user interface. The software itself is the most advantageous for a business. This single tool can automate everything, and you not need to look further.

Shipping integration

With the help of Odoo third-party integration options, you can choose a wide variety of applications for all your shipping needs. Odoo allows you to partner with all major shipping carriers such as FedEx, DHL, local Postal services, Professional couriers, etc. You can set up the rules based on shipping vendors with ease.

Payment integration

Payments are a crucial part of the business economy. The data and the transaction records should be safe and secure. It is very much needed to have a hassle-free transaction platform so that users can pay you within a few clicks. Odoo helps you in providing all that you need. It allows various online payment options such as PayPal and credit and debit cards, online payments, etc. In recent times, digital transactions are more popular than traditional cash or cheque systems.

Billing and invoicing

Once a sale occurs, it is mandatory to generate a bill for the new customers or to provide an invoice to the existing customers. With Odoo, you no longer need any other tool for billing and invoice generation. You can automate it right within the Odoo ERP system.

Generation of reports

A detailed and accurate report is vital to analyze the business growth of the company. Usually, business owners hire data management companies to generate reports, but with Odoo, you no longer need it as Odoo itself can generate insane reports to analyze your business trends.

Operational cost management

With Odoo data is updated in real-time and almost all business operations can be automated without human intervention, this can reduce operational costs to a greater extent.

Multiple stores

Odoo platforms allow its users to maintain multiple stores across several regions. You can manage all those various stores from the same Odoo ERP. This can be possible with the implementation of the Point of sales methodology across all your stores. It is also possible to coordinate multiple warehousing according to business needs.

Customer satisfaction

Odoo provides various mediums to offer customer support for your business. You can implement live chat, email support, or telephonic support systems for your needs right with the Odoo. You can improve your customer satisfaction at a faster rate as Odoo offers live support.


Every business needs to maintain its account records. With traditional tools, you need to update your accounts frequently, but with Odoo, it can happen as soon as a transaction takes place in real time. Your account handling will be a lot easier with Odoo.

How to integrate your E-commerce business with Odoo ERP

By now, you might be sure why you need an Odoo ERP for your e-commerce business, but how to integrate your E-commerce with Odoo?

That might be the question right now in your mind; well we at Sitaram Solutions offer world-class integration of Odoo ERP for your e-commerce business. We are the leading eCommerce Odoo ERP integrators in the world. Hundreds of customers were able to implement Odoo ERP for their business with us. We have an expert team with years of experience to handle all your business needs with utmost accuracy. We are more customer-centric, and we pledge to keep our customers always happy with us.

Connect with us today, we will make your eCommerce business excel within no time. Join your hands with us for hassle-free integration of Odoo ERP for your eCommerce store.

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