Why Should You Choose Odoo 14 For Website Building?

A website is an online asset of a business that represents the services or products offered by a company. Each website has its style based on the nature of the industries they belong to and on the target audiences' interest. A website might be a static website or a dynamic website based on the purposes they serve. No matter what, every business looks for optimized websites for their business implementation.

In the past, building a website required numerous hours in order to make it live on servers, but now with the advancement of technologies, it is possible to create websites within minutes. Odoo 14 website builder is one such capable comprehensive business solution with which a website can be built within a few clicks. Here in this blog, let us tell you why you should choose Odoo 14 for website building and the key features of Odoo 14 website builder.

A website builder in Odoo was first introduced in the 13th version of the Odoo software; slowly, it kept updating and in Odoo 14, it has been included with advanced features like countdown snippets, a social media plug-in, and a lot more. There is no doubt that Odoo 14 website builder can help you build stunning, user-friendly websites to attract more customers.

Website building was never easy before, but with this creation of unique websites is a matter of seconds. Odoo 14 offers various customization options and integration of third-party applications. It is possible to build blogs, eCommerce stores, service websites, entertainment websites, booking sites, etc.

Key features of Odoo 14 website builder

  • Odoo 14 website builder supports a word processor for text editing.
  • Can be possible to build multi-language websites with translation features
  • Capable of handling a large number of visitors
  • Availability of mobile preview features
  • Social media linkage is made easy
  • Inbuilt image, fonts, and text editors
  • Integration of Google Maps
  • Live chat support can be implemented.
  • Multiple websites can be managed.
  • Availability of a wide range of themes and layouts
  • Restrictions for editing the website
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive website optimization
  • Search engine-optimized websites can be built.

These are some of the features in the updated version of the Odoo 14 website builder. Comparative to all other website builders, Odoo is easy to handle. Odoo always keeps on evolving its features of website builders to meet every business needs. Now let us see why you should choose Odoo 14 for website building.

Why should you choose Odoo 14 for website building?

Various reasons can influence you to choose Odoo 14 for website building, but we are listing a few significant advantages of Odoo 14 website builder.

Intuitive Software

Odoo's website builder is flexible and more user-friendly. One can create stunning websites just by drag and drop from scratch. It comes preloaded with loads of themes, headers, blocks, and landing page templates to use instantly. It acts as a content management tool to manage and edit your website's content from the Odoo 14 website builder. The best thing about this is that you neither need an expert developer nor require any training to make these websites. It is pretty much straightforward.

Comprehensive front end

With Odoo, you can efficiently manage your front-end operations. It comes with a word processor texting, which updates text through an editor. You can easily edit, erase, or modify the images. You can change the font styles, colors, menu pop-ups, and product previews easily within the builder. You can manage your pages, upload images of products and text and titles, and further modify by selecting the wide variety of customizations available. Odoo 14 automatically handles all the back-end operations and allows you to customize your front end based on your branding and styles.

Odoo SEO tools

Search engine optimization (SEO) is very much needed for a website to rank high on search engines like Google. Odoo provides inbuilt SEO tools, which help in analyzing the SEO metrics of the website. SEO is much needed irrespective of good content and eye-catchy images to get more visitors to a website. Odoo has robust and compatible SEO audit tools to keep your search engine friendly.

Call to actions

An optimized and relevant call to action can increase lead conversions a lot. With the help of Odoo, one can easily create a call to action for their customers. Call to action triggers the audience to take quick action on your site. An attractive call to action makes a customer take action immediately. You can create forms, pop-ups, and buttons for creating a call to action elements.

A/B testing

Sometimes it will be unclear to predict which form of website pleases audience interests, so, in order to run live experiments with multiple forms of a website with different content, colors, etc., can be possible by conducting A/B testing. It can run various versions of a website, and it will collect all the data in real time. Odoo finds out which one yields good results by distributing half of the traffic to one version and the other half to another version. Based on this, Odoo analyzes and predicts the best-performing website version with the help of A/B testing.

Translation Tools

Odoo website builder improves user experience by providing multiple language support. Users can translate the content into any language with the integration of the Gengo application. It provides professional and interactive translations. Odoo also enables users to preview how a website looks on other devices like mobiles, and tablets. This feature helps in understanding the appearance of a site on multiple devices and gives the feasibility to make changes accordingly before going live.

Social Connections

Odoo 14 website builder also provides the feasibility of sharing URLs across all social media channels. You can connect multiple social media accounts with your website. Features like live chat, booking appointments, and payments can also be implemented within the Odoo 14 website builder.

Odoo 14 website builder provides all the features you need within a few clicks, but it is always recommended to consult an Odoo service partner for hassle-free website building. Almost all features are included in the builder, but few businesses need unique solutions, and Odoo's service partner can develop this.

We at Sitaram Solutions have years of experience delivering responsive and the most comprehensive websites for businesses. Our expert developers can quickly make your website go live. We have developed websites across all domains with the help of the Odoo 14 website builder. We provide all the Odoo services you need for your business; you can check our services to know more.

With us, your business is in safe hands, and we mean it when we say it. We are committed to delivering the best Odoo services. If you are looking for Odoo website building or any allied Odoo Services, Sitaram Solutions is the best choice. Our expert team is waiting for you; contact us now to leverage Odoo services on your business.

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