Why Should You Choose Odoo Open Source ERP For Your Business Process Handling?

Suppose a software code is available publicly to modify or customize according to their needs, such kinds of software term as Open source. It develops in a decentralized collaborative way. Open source projects, products, or software follow the methods of open exchange collaboration of communities, transparency, meritocracy, and rapid prototyping. This article will let you know why you should Choose Open source ERP for your business handling and which is the best Open Source ERP.

What is an ERP?

Many of us know that ERP is abbreviated as an Enterprise resource management system, but what does it mean by ERP? What exactly it does is not familiar to many business owners, so before we move further, let's understand a bit about ERP.

In a simplified way, ERP is known as a tool that integrates all your core business processes like HR, supply chain, inventory management, finance, and all other such major processes into a single system.

Benefits of ERP

  • Higher Efficiency: It increases efficiency by streamlining the work process and by automation.

  • Deeper Insights: The reporting and analysis will be more detailed and will be at a precise level.

  • Lower risk: This can significantly reduce the risk of operational failures as ERP indicates all the KPIs under a dashboard.

  • IT maintenance: The maintenance of IT Infrastructure is again a burden for your business, but it can be no longer with an ERP.

  • Agility: with the improved efficiency and the real-time reports, it will be simpler to grab new opportunities to expand your business verticals.

Now let us see why an Open source ERP is more beneficial than a vendor-controlled ERP.

Why an Open source ERP?

  1. An open-source ERP is economical

    The other vendor-controlled ERP service providers provide their databases and operating systems, which demand huge prices. On the other hand, Open-source ERP has no license fees since it is available publicly to the world. It is more pocket-friendly.

  2. Reduces dependency on the vendor

    With the extent of Open source, you no longer need to depend on vendors for customizations or modifications. Open source code is available publicly. You can choose any company as a partner for application development and thus it reduces dependency on vendors.

  3. Great Integration support

    In open-source software, you can integrate most of the third-party applications without bothering about service providers' restrictions; on the other hand, in vendor-controlled software, vendors will provide integrations, and you are forced to use only them.

  4. Open-source community

    As open-source, many developers continuously work on it, bringing up several other features and making it more customized. It gives you the freedom to do what you want with it. These features give birth to hundreds of smart solutions for your business.

  5. Software upgradation :

    Being open-source, it will be upgrading very rapidly. This upgrade might be in the form of adding more features, adding more security, and making it more manageable. The good thing is with an open source, you can upgrade your systems without interrupting your existing systems.

  6. Great Security

    The developer community of open source will have regular check-ups, and they will fix any security issues or any bugs incurred. The community offers excellent support in making the product the best of the rest.

ODOO- The right combination of an ERP with an Open source

Now you understand what open source is and what an ERP is, but do you know that there is an ERP service provider that genuinely combines the spirit of open source with the soul of ERP?

The answer is, "Odoo" It is the leading and the most in-demand open-source ERP available in the market. Odoo being a scalable, robust, dynamic, and customizable ERP is always the first choice when it comes to ERP solutions.

Odoo is not only the preferred choice for the users but also for developers too as the Odoo community extends great support to developers with forums and guides. Odoo decentralizes the control and diverts it into the user's hands to ease the business streamlines.

It has very unique features of customization. With Odoo you do not need to download entire modules instead you can select only those which you really need. This feature makes Odoo the best in the world of ERP.

Who is the best Odoo open-source implementation partner?

At Sitaram Solutions, we have an expert team of Odoo developers who can help you with Odoo Implementation. Our team provides you with consultation, implementation, integration, migration, and support of Odoo services.

The proper implementation of Odoo ERP results in the right results that your business needs, but the proper implementation is possible only with Sitaram solutions. We are not saying this, but it is how our customers accolade us for our best services.

We at Sitaram Solutions offer the best technological services for Odoo. We are also one of the remarkable contributors to the Odoo community by developing free plugins and Apps. We love business challenges and look forward to hearing from you.

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