Why should you choose professional instead of a freelancer for odoo implementation

There comes a time when we have to make certain decisions that have the impact to make our businesses. For many reasons, when faced with a choice of whether to use a freelancer or a professional to implement Odoo ERP services, entrepreneurs are always torn between going for professionals or Odoo freelancers. Not to worry, we have at one time or the other faced the need to make important decisions we cannot seem to understand its pros and cons and this piece seeks to help you get a better understanding to aid your decision-making process!

It is simple. Imagine you are given the choice to pick one out of the numerous gadget brands out there, naturally, your instincts would be to go with the well-known brand of the lot for no other reason than your subconscious telling you that they are popular because they are doing something right. They cannot be popular for churning out inferior products, so, you want to choose them. The same thing applies here. Years of putting out consistent and quality services not only helps cultivate trust in the users of those services but also puts the service provider at the forefront of any list when other persons are faced with decisions concerning them.

You will agree that every project has its own unique feature and while there may be no right or wrong answer as to which of the two, a professional Odoo partner or Freelancers should help implement your services, this piece would make your choice easy. Buckle up entrepreneurs, here are a few pointers to help you solve your dilemma!

  • Specialization and Quality of Service

The first thing anyone wants to be sure they are getting when contracting someone to complete a process for them is quality services. With an Odoo partner, you can rest assured that you have a team of professionals dedicated to giving you a whole unique experience. Certain professionals have been tasked with the different levels required at every stage of the service all possessing wealth of knowledge on the particular aspect they are tasked with. Freelancers on the other hand handle all the stages and you may not have the assurance you really want about their ability to handle each phase uniquely. 

While an Odoo partner guarantees you that the highest standards would be maintained in completing your service, you can only cross your fingers with a freelancer, hoping they maintain official standards. It also goes without a saying that with a freelancer, you may be reduced to a research assistant because you want to aid them to do a good job, an Odoo partner on the other hand gives you the freedom to pursue other areas of interest while they expertly handle their task(s).

  • Experience does matter after all!

Unlike freelancers who in more cases have considerably lesser experience managing the different stages and peculiarities of specific services, Odoo professionals are not only held to a higher standard by the organization but they also have better experience(s) working on similar services tailored to business owners like you and can apply the wealth of knowledge garnered on the job to solve unique cases presented to them. Anyone can be knowledgeable but we all would rather choose someone who has constantly had the cause to apply their knowledge hence making them masters at their craft!

  • Workflow is harmonized

While freelancers in most cases cannot boast of having the requisite experience needed to manage customization and quality required at each stage of the development process, Odoo professionals on the other hand due to years of practice and experience can guarantee the completion of your service in a timely and organized manner because workflow is harmonized.

You are assured of professionalism and an unwavering level of quality with an Odoo professional while a freelancer on the other hand just wants to submit their job and move on to the next task at hand without necessarily satisfying quality in every stage as required.

  • Confidentiality

You would have to share specific details of your business with your chosen service provider as it is required with most ERP implementation services, needless to say, freelancers always want to put their best foot forward especially when relating with a new client so, your private data may become exposed to other parties, a non-disclosure agreement notwithstanding! This risk is non-existent with an Odoo partner wo always take time to ensure that your data is kept secure in line with standards required by the organization.

  • Adaptability to trends

New functionalities and features are released by Odoo every year and its professional partners are equipped with documentation and knowledge know-how required to navigate new versions. In addition to this, Odoo partners are armed with the knowledge required to help you make a choice of which version is best suited to you while freelancers on the other hand run the risk of knowing only outdated versions.

  • Lesser vs Higher charges

It is also crucial to mention that freelancers may often come off as the easier choices because they tend to lower their prices in order to present themselves as a more attractive option compared to a professional Odoo service provider who charges as a professional and puts several things into consideration before charging you (for instance, service charges and applicable taxes). In using pricing as a yardstick for your choice however, you want to be extremely careful so you don’t end up spending more than you could have spent using a professional!

The above points consolidate only one knowledge - while freelancers may be awesome for certain tasks, the low risk factor associated with going for a professional Odoo service provider may just be what topples the scales in their favor.

Thanks for paying attention!!

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